Chord UP2 Trådlöst guide set extra sändare

  • 495 kr
Artikelnummer: 75177

UP2-BT Beltpack Transmitter

Beltpack UHF transmitter supplied with a 3.5mm jack lead for use with the UP2 wireless system. Compatible with Chord lavalier and neckband microphones for direct talkback to one or more UP2 beltpack receivers. Up to 2 UP2 transmitters may be used together on the 2 selectable frequencies, which can be toggled between on the listening beltpack receivers, giving a choice of 2 audio sources for presenters, interpreters or music mixes.

  • Spare or additional transmitter for UP2 wireless systems
  • 2 selectable UHF frequencies
  • Up to 2 transmitters can be used together