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Adastra | A22 - Kompakt Mixerförstärkare

  • 995 kr

Digital stereo förstärkare med mick och blåtand.

Artikelnummer: 75049

Adastra | A22 Stereo PA Amplifier

  • Liten och smidig mixerförstärkare för bakgrunds musik
  • Med digitalt stereoslutsteg som levererar 2 x 55W max
  • Inbyggd mediaspelare med bluetooth och FM tuner
  • Dessutom 1st mikrofoningång för utrop och meddelanden

Digital stereo PA amplifier with integral media player in a compact housing. Class-D amplifier section can deliver up to 2 x 55W max. output for background music with a microphone input for announcements or alerts. The media player section can select between USB / microSD mp3 player, FM tuner, Bluetooth receiver, 2 stereo line inputs (rear panel RCA) and another line input on the front panel (3.5mm). Playback can be controlled from the front panel or by the supplied I.R. remote control. Four mounting brackets are provided which enable the A22 to be fitted under a counter top or against a wall for discreet installation. Two A22 units may be mounted side-by-side into a 1U rack space, which can serve smaller peripheral zones in a larger PA installation. Combine with 2 or 4 speaker units for a truly space-saving sound system with comprehensive and easy-to-use functions.

  • Compact and easy-to-use control panel
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • FM tuner
  • USB / microSD mp3 player
  • Supplied with I.R. remote control
  • Supplied with 4 rotatable mounting brackets
  • Microphone input with separate volume control


Power supply:
230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Output impedance:
4 - 8 Ohms (each channel)
Output power: 
8 Ohms2 x 25W rms / 2 x 40W max. (@ 1kHz 10% THD)
Output power:
4 Ohms2 x 35W rms / 2 x 55W max. (@ 1kHz 10% THD)
Line Aux 1 (3.5mm), Aux 2 (L+R RCA), Aux 3 (L+R RCA)
Mic 6.3mm jack
Mic Volume, Treble, Bass, Music Volume
Audio source:
USB/microSD player, FM tuner, Bluetooth
Antenna connection:
F-type (FM tuner)
215 x 180 x 43mm