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Audiotec Fischer | Match UP 7BMW

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Nu i lager för omgående leverans!Har du en BMW med Hifi-system (SA676) i din utrustningslista? I så fall har du kommit helt rätt.Ett enkelt sätt att kontrollera

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Artikelnummer: C85903

Nu i lager för omgående leverans!

Har du en BMW med Hifi-system (SA676) i din utrustningslista? I så fall har du kommit helt rätt.
Ett enkelt sätt att kontrollera om du har HiFi-paketet på de flesta BMW är att se om du har ett slutsteg i bagaget, vänster bak men saknar fiberoptiska kablar.

Har du inget slutsteg bak eller om du har slutsteg med fiberoptik (2st stora gröna ledare) har du antagligen Logic7 eller Proffesional/Premium sound etc. och då passar ej detta slutsteg din bil.

Är du osäker på vad du har kontaktar du oss bara och anger bilens registreringsnummer så söker vi på den i databasen för att kontrollera kompartibilitet.
Passar BMW E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 / F10 / F11 / F30 / F31 / F32 / F34 / G30 / G31 mfl.

Ok! Du har kommit fram till att det passar din bil, men hur bra låter det och hur mycket skillnad blir det egentligen mot original?
Att säga att skillnaden blir som natt mot dag skulle vara en underdrift.  Detta är ren magi!

Inte bara att det instängda lite burkiga ljudet i originalsystemet öppnas upp, du får även ett helt otroligt bastryck vilket får tex ett LOGIC7 (proffesional ljudsystem) att nästan verka pinsamt.
Våra egna förväntningar var att få ungefär samma tryck i basen som från ett original LOGIC7 men detta är på en helt annan nivå med både mer djup, attack och volym.

Kortfattat är detta en fantastisk produkt som alla med Hifi-systemet borde ha.

Men är det så bra tryck att jag inte kommer behöva en baslåda?  Vi säger japp, du behöver ingen baslåda så länge du inte är ute efter hysteriskt med bas och fladdrande nummerskyltar :)
Skulle du dock vilja bygga ut ditt system med en baslåda så finns det självklart lågnivå-utgång på slutsteget för anslutning av basslutsteg eller aktiv baslåda, denna utgång styr du givetvis också via den inbyggda DSP:n och justerar in allt precis som du vill ha det.


The "M package" for your BMW HiFi sound system (option 676) – The MATCH UP 7BMW is a revolutionary sound upgrade for those who desire significantly more power and dynamics, but also care about seamless integration into the vehicle.

The installation is done in the blink of an eye at the mounting position of the original amplifier thanks to the included Plug & Play connection cable and a custom-fit mounting plate. Nevertheless, the UP 7BMW amplifier is so flexible that it can easily be used for universal applications in BMW vehicles.

Besides Audiotec Fischer's proprietary Class HD technology and the cutting-edge 64 Bit DSP with tremendous processing  power, new and high innovative DSP features such as "Augmented Bass Processing", the "StageXpander" and the “RealCenter” function guarantee top-class listening pleasure.

Of course, the UP 7BMW also offers a MATCH Extension Card slot (MEC slot) for additional input and output modules such as a Bluetooth Audio Streaming module or a High Resolution audio USB sound card.

Thanks to the professional and user-friendly DSP PC-Tool software V4  the configuration of the UP 7BMW becomes straigthforward and intuitive.


  • 7-channel Plug & Play upgrade amplifier with integrated 8-channel 64 Bit DSP for BMW HiFi sound systems (option 676)
  • Simple installation at the original mounting place via included Plug & Play connection cable and mounting plate
  • MATCH Extension Card slot (MEC) for additional input / output modules like Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Revolutionary DSP features such as the "Augmented Bass Processing" which dynamically optimizes the bass response of the under-seat woofers, the "StageXpander" that significantly broadens the stereo perspective and the "RealCenter" function, which allows a perfectly focused sound staging for both driver and co-driver
  • Start-Stop capability down to 6V supply voltage
  • Optical input in SPDIF format with sampling rate between 12 and 96 kHz
  • Mono RCA output for the connection of an external amplifier e.g. subwoofer amplifier
  • Easiest configuration via the intuitive DSP PC-Tool software

Special features:

Class HD technology

The UP 7BMW combines the advantages of a Class H technology with the principle of a class D amplifier. The result is an unsurpassed efficiency which easily outperforms any conventional Class D amplifier. By varying the internal supply voltage depending on the amplifier’s amplitude of the input signals, idle losses are significantly reduced and overall efficiency is close to maximum at any time.

Smart highlevel input ADEP.3

Modern, factory-installed car radios incorporate sophisticated possibilities of diagnosing the connected speakers. In particular the latest generation of BMW car radios are equipped with additional monitoring functions so that failure messages and loss of specific features (e.g. fader function) quite often appear if a common amplifier will be hooked up - but not with the UP 7BMW.
The new ADEP.3 circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection, 3rd Generation) avoids all these problems without loading the speaker outputs of the OE radio during high volumes unnecessarily.

Start-Stop capability

The switched power supply of the MATCH UP 7BMW assures a constant internal supply voltage even if the battery’s voltage drops to 6 Volts during engine crank. If the supply voltage drops below 10.5 Volts for more than five seconds the amplifier goes to “Protect mode” (Status LED lights up red) in order to avoid any further discharge of the car’s battery.

Automatic Digital Signal Detection

Switching from analog input to the digital input is done automatically as soon as a signal is detected on the Optical Input. This feature can be deactivated in the DSP PC-Tool software. Alternatively you can use an optional remote control for manual switching between analog and digital inputs.

Power Save Mode

The Power Save Mode is incorporated in the basic setup. It allows to significantly reduce the power consumption of the UP 7BMW and potentially connected amplifiers once there’s no input signal present for more than 60 seconds. Please note that in many up-to-date cars with “CAN” or any other internal bus structures it may happen that the radio remains “invisibly” turned on for up to 45 min. even after locking and leaving the car! Once the “Power Save Mode“ is active the remote output and therefore the connected amplifiers will be turned off. The MATCH UP 7BMW will reactivate the remote output within a second if a music signal is applied. It is possible to either modify the turn-off time of 60 sec. or completely deactivate the “Power Save Mode” via the DSP PC-Tool software.

Note: “The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Audiotec Fischer GmbH is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.”

DSP features


The “RealCenter” feature is an algorithm, developed by Audiotec Fischer, that emphasizes the music information which is present in both the left and right front channel to create an unique center signal. In contrast to common procedures, in which only the channels are summed up, the intensity of the center signal is also dynamically controlled by the stereophonic informational content of the left and right channel.
Sounds complicated but this effect is astonishing: That means if solely the left or right channel delivers an audio signal, the center channel will not reproduce a signal. In the case of common algorithms, the volume level of the center channel is only reduced by 6 dB (= half volume level). Audiotec Fischer’s “RealCenter” allows a unique, broadened sound staging for both driver and co-driver at the same time! Therefore, the disadvantages of a conventional center channel, such as an intrusive, small sound stage, are things of the past.

Augmented Bass Processing

Audiotec Fischer’s proprietary “Augmented Bass Processing”, consisting of the two revolutionary sound features “Dynamic Bass Enhancement” and “SubXpander”, has been especially developed to dramatically improve the bass reproduction of subwoofers.
The “Dynamic Bass Enhancement” ingeniously combines maximum deep bass and highest sound pressure – regardless of the music style or the tone controls in the head unit. Depending on the input signal, the “Dynamic Bass Enhancement” gains the lower frequency range and varies the cut-off frequency of the subsonic filter. The result is a significantly more powerful and deeper bass response at low and medium volume levels without the risk of overloading the subwoofer neither mechanically nor electrically at high volume levels. It is simply fascinating which bass performance is suddenly possible.
If you want an even lower and “darker” bass reproduction, the “SubXpander” can be additionally activated. Therefore, subharmonic tones are added to the fundamental tones in the frequency range between 50 and 100 Hz.


Depending on the speaker arrangement in the vehicle, a more or less wide stereo sound stage can be created on the front seats. A center speaker may limit the spatial reproduction of the music additionally. This is where Audiotec Fischer’s new “StageXpander” comes into play – a sound feature which seems to break the acoustic limitations and thus allows to create a way broader stereo base without negatively affecting the precision of the localization of voices or instruments!
The effect can be adjusted according to your personal preferences in four steps.


You are looking for more transparency and substance in the treble reproduction? With the “ClarityXpander” Audiotec Fischer is now offering the right tool. Properly adjusted (and therefore selectable in three steps) the feature adds additional harmonics in the upper frequency range – this is especially useful if the original speakers lack some brilliance in the treble response. The extra treble-kick is not only available for the two front channels but also separately adjustable for the center channel. Even better – the center channel allows to activate an automatic and dynamic control so that music with “loads” of treble doesn’t fatigue your hearing.

Technical data

Output power RMS / max. 
- @ 4 Ohms5 x 65 / 130 Watts (Front / Rear / Center channels)
- @ 2 Ohms-
- @ 1 Ohm
- bridged @ 4 Ohms
- bridged @ 2 Ohms
- Subwoofer output @ 4 Ohms
- Subwoofer output @ 2 Ohms2 x 160 / 320 Watts
Amplifier technologyClass HD
Inputs4 x Highlevel speaker input
1 x Optical SPDIF (12 - 96 kHz)
1 x MEC
1 x Remote In
Input sensitivityHighlevel 2.0 - 8.3 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch-
Input impedance highlevel13 Ohms
Outputs7 x Speaker output
1 x RCA / Cinch
2 x Remote Out
Output voltage RCA / Cinch3 Volts RMS
Frequency response20 Hz - 22,000 Hz
DSP resolution64 Bit
DSP power295 MHz (1.2 billion MAC operations/second)
Sampling rate48 kHz
DSP typeAudio signal processor
Signal convertersA/D: BurrBrown
D/A: BurrBrown
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input105 dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input103 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD)< 0.03 %
Damping factor> 100
Operating voltage10.5 - 16 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
Idle current
450 mA
Max. remote output current500 mA
Fuse2 x 25 A LP-Mini-fuse (APS)
Additional featuresClass HD technology with dynamically controlled
power supply, ADEP.3 circuit, Start-Stop capability, Control Input, USB, MEC slot, Auto Remote switch, galvanically isolated Line Out
Dimensions (H x W x D)46 x 130 x 153 mm /
1.81 x 5.12 x 6.02"


Compatible for all models with BMW HiFi sound system (option 676). All models with RAM module are excluded (vehicles from 09/2019).

Please check the vehicle compatibility via the Upgrade-Finder.

Audiotec Fischer DSP PC-Tool

– Car audio fine tuning for highest demands –

This professional and yet very user-friendly software is used to easily configure Audiotec-Fischer DSP products.

The numerous adjustment options leave nothing to be desired and thus guarantees extremely precise sound adaptation, even while under difficult conditions.

Thanks to the integrated demo mode, the software can be extensively tested or used create a sound setup profile without a DSP connected.


The user interface

The user interface has numerous display areas, such as the menu bar, the channel selection, crossovers, time correction and the equalizer at the same time, thus providing an overview of the most important settings.

The channel assignment

The Channel Routing menu is used to arrange all input and output channels. Here you can name the channels individually, mix input signals together and assign the input signals to the outputs.



The runtime correction

The IO menu (input - output) is used to arrange all inputs and outputs. Summarising input signals also happens here. Thanks to the intelligent "Distance" mode, the runtime correction becomes a breeze. All you have to do is measure the distance between the speakers and the listening position and enter the values (in cm) in the appropriate input fields. The required delay for the individual channels is then automatically calculated by the program.